Herein is the testimony of a former member of HOCNA regarding his plight after his wife committed adultery with a still serving HOCNA priest, Constantine Parr. This occurred in Portland, Oregon during 1998-1999.

These true events show that the schismatic HOCNA “hierarchy” has no intention in prosecuting canonical infractions. The HOCNA “hierarchy” only wishes to keep the facts from being made known in order to cover up the “root” of their ecclesiastical problem - their 1986 schism.

HOCNA.Info learned of these events directly from the husband whose wife committed adultery with this HOCNA priest. The husband and his family had to flee from Oregon in 1999 in order to save themselves from the clutches of priest Constantine Parr who believed that the man’s wife moved to Oregon in order to fulfill a “sign” from God. Priest Constantine Parr said that Deborah, his wife, heard a voice during liturgy, and that therefore she would die soon. So, priest Constantine Parr believed it to be a “sign” when another man’s wife joined his parish in Oregon to “replace” his soon to die wife. Of course his wife still lives.

Here are the details received by www.HOCNA.Info from the eye-witness involved in these sad events:

I write this as a warning to and for others who may be contemplating joining or leaving HOCNA. The Holy Apostle John says, “Little children, it is the last hour; and even as ye heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have arisen, from which we know that it is the last hour. “They went out from among us, but they were not of us; for if they were of us, they would have remained with us; but that they might be made manifest that they are all not of us.” [1 John 2:18-19]

When my family and I left the OCA we were living in California. My wife and I wanted to be faithful to Orthodoxy and thought that HOCNA was a place to go. I truly regret now that I never investigated the dark history of HOCNA before joining them. I would have never gone near HOCNA had I known.

Know this - Anyone that tries to stand against HOCNA/HTM will be slandered. HOCNA Clergy will say about anyone questioning HOCNA’s breaking of the Holy Canons and their schism from ROCOR, that your psychological make-up is un-balanced.

My family has been torn asunder by the inability, and most of all, the unwillingness, of HOCNA “hierarchs” to resolve conflicts among their members.

My family attended St. Demetrios Church in Pomona, CA, after we left the OCA. Fr. Nicholas Liberis initially refused to baptize my wife and children because priest Nicholas Liberis believes my family members had valid baptisms from the heterodox, before they came to HOCNA. This is not the teaching of Orthodoxy.

It was at St Demetrios Parish when we met priest Constantine Parr. He told us of the beauty of Oregon, etc. So, we decided to move to Oregon to get away from the rat race life. Priest Constantine Parr invited me and my family to live in his home while we settled in the area. I immediately procured a job. After three months, we moved out of the Parr residence into an apartment near by. I continued my duty of taking care of my family.

One day I came home from work-for I only worked about 5 minutes away-and my wife was very surprised to see me home. I told her that I was home to make something for lunch. It was as if she was caught or something off guard. Minutes after I left to go back to work, I received a phone call from priest
Constantie Parr who told me that my wife did not like me just showing up like that, unexpectedly. This is when I began to suspect something, but could not put my finger on it.

I even told Fr. Constantine Parr in confession that I did not trust him, and he told me that the devil was trying to make me “distrust him.” I told him that I felt my wife was going further and further away from me. He said that he would hear her confessions and get back to me to see how we could resolve this. Every time he would come back to me, he would tell me that my wife was feeling as if she was “falling out of love” with me, and that there was nothing he could do for our situation. Or was there?

Meanwhile, my wife began to drive Fr. Constantine Parr around in his van alone, and this is when the affair began. Fr. Constantine Parr would meet my wife in the basement of the parish during Saturday evening Vigils to rendezvous’. This affair was always known to Deborah Parr, Fr. Constatine Parr’s wife. Deborah Parr initially “accepted this affair” because she believed that she had heard the voice of God in the Liturgy and that this voice “told” her that she was to die soon. This was interpreted as a “sign” that my wife was sent to Oregon to “replace” her after her death. She never died, and is in perfect physical health. Deborah Parr told me this from her own mouth.

Priest Constantine Parr had me so frazzled, with all his “help.” He finally suggested to having me travel to Holy Transfiguration Monastery (in Boston) 3,000 miles away in May of 1999, in order to “prepare for my future without my wife and children.” My wife and Fr. Constantine Parr planed to have me moved out of my own house as a front. My wife, asked me to move out of my own house in early 1999 due to her wishes to live with me as “a sister.” He drove me to the Greyhound Bus Station in Portland, Oregon, to see me off with a huge smirk on his face –and away I went to Boston while HE AND MY WIFE CONTINUED TO HAVE A SEXUAL AFFAIR. Who knows how many times they rendezvoused to have their fill of damnation.

After we moved from Oregon, my wife admitted that priest Constantine Parr was the one who planned my whole “exile” and defaming. I lived in a trailer that was owned by Larry Gallentine for a couple months, a man who also had marital problems that Fr. Constatine Parr could not “fix.” Larry and his wife finally divorced.

While I was in Boston of May of 1999, I called Fr. Constantine Parr (503-262-6643) at his home to ask him how my family was, and he was shocked that I was calling. I began to question him that I had noticed that he had attraction for my wife. He became very arrogant and said, that my wife admitted to him that she was attracted to him and has shown him physically how much she likes him. I was very shocked and absolutely betrayed by the one that I told all of my confessions to, and that he had used me in order to get to my wife.

I got off the phone and told the “Abbott” of HTM, Fr. Isaac, who said that the only reason I would go back to Oregon, was due to the children, but otherwise I would stay in Boston. The thing that struck me most was that “Fr.” Isaac did not say this was a sad situation or something immoral. There was no pastoral guidance about what the Holy Canons say regarding adultery and my right to divorce. If I divorced this would have immediately “uncovered” the adulterous affair with Fr. Constatine Parr.

My wife bold-faced admitted to me of having sexual relations with Fr. Constantine Parr. She also told me that priest Constantine Parr told her all of my confessions in order to have his way with her. She was not innocent in all of this. My wife told me that she told priest Constatine Parr while in confession that she had an attraction for him. Priest Constantine Parr even told her to tell everyone that he got her pregnant so that they could remain together! My wife set me up big time to have me removed from the household, had me look like a complete incompetent, and had me shipped off to Boston.

We moved to Massachusetts in order to get away from the tyranny of priest Constatine Parr who believed that Deborah his wife heard a voice during Liturgy, that she would die soon. So, priest Constatine Parr believed this to be a “sign” that my wife was sent to Oregon to “replace” his soon to die wife-Deborah. This meant my removal from the picture.


The HOCNA “Metropolitan” Ephraim and the rest (Fr. Isaac && Fr. Neketas Palassis) knew of this affair, and after one month priest Constantine Parr was serving again at The Nativity of the Theotokos, (4550 NE 105th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97220-3350) as parish priest. This is strictly forbidden by the Canons of the Church. Apparently, the HOCNA discipline for a priest committing adultery is only 1 month, rather than what the Church demands in Her Sacred Canons: the absolute deposition of the priest from ever serving again. (Apostolic Canon 25)

“Metropolitan” Ephraim completely ignored the whole incident regarding Oregon. Ephraim wanted the whole thing to just be gone! This pastor of the schismatic HOCNA never offered any counseling or any intervening help to my wife or me. All of them; Ephraim, Isaac, Palassis, essentially did not and do not care. They only care to cover up their own sexual immoralities which is why they fled from the ROCOR in 1986.

Please know that I write this testimony with love in mind.The Holy Apostle John lovingly warned, “Beloved, cease believing every spirit, but keep on putting the spirits to the test, if they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” [1 John. 4:1] And the Saviour says, “For false christs and false prophets shall be raised up, and they shall produce great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you beforehand.” [Mt. 24:23-25]

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